Understanding the Difference Between Birthday Party Banner Materials

When it comes to birthday party banners and custom birthday banner, there are several materials available today that you can choose from. Knowing the best material that will suit your printed imagery as well as the venue of the party is crucial in making a successful birthday party banner. The location of the party, the graphics and the images that you want to put on the banner will dictate what material is appropriate to your birthday banner not to mention your budget.

Birthday Party Banner


Vinyl is a versatile birthday banner option that can be used for variety of parties. They can be used as pull up stand to hang outside the venue or can be used with grommets.

Pros of getting vinyl birthday banner:

  • Durable enough for indoor or outdoor use
  • Tear and fade resistant
  • Printable with solvent inks
  • Excellent in both hot and cold environments
  • Stay-flat vinyl in retractable displays will not curl along edges
  • Waterproof


Polyester fabric can be used both for indoor and outdoor venues. The resilient allows wind to pass through, increasing the actual visibility of your printed banner at an outdoor venue. A dye sublimation process, which is a two-step printing photos technique, can be used to produce the material. A large format digital print is produced on a transfer newspaper as a mirror picture of the original art. The print can then be placed into a heat press with a plain fabric-made fabric so the ink permeates the fibres of the fabric. Dye sublimated fabric will print attractive, crisp imagery and textual content on custom flags, appear up fabric banners and table cloths.

Pros of getting Fabric Birthday Party Banner:

  • Resilient polyester substrate
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Can let some light through
  • Prints vibrantly
  • Can be dye sublimated (printing) with a heat press

Bond PaperĀ (Matte or Gloss)

In many cases, bond papers are utilized in a range of birthday parties and other events. You have the option to choose between a matte or gloss finish to fit the virtual look that you are trying to achieve. The paper undergoes a lamination process that gives the material better durability and a slight flexibility to the substrate.


  • Can be laminated for further strength
  • Available in matte or gloss
  • Solvent inks are used
  • Flexible material
  • Can be used for a variety of displays
  • Water-resistant
  • Fit for indoor use

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