Steps to Create and Print a Soccer Banner Design in Publisher

When a publication is created such as sports banners, and you choose a size in page setup of more than 8.5 inches by 11 inches, the final print output will be larger than a standard paper. In Publisher, banners can be printed as large as 240 inches by 240 inches.

Note: features like lines, border art, and gradients, may have been incorrectly printed on banners that are more than 10 ft.

Soccer Banner

Create a banner

The first step is to click on File, New and click on Built-in to make use of a pre-installed template in Publisher or online templates under Available Templates.

Choose the Banners category and choose from the numerous banner design suitable for your intended sports banner ideas. (more…)

Understanding the Difference Between Birthday Party Banner Materials

When it comes to birthday party banners and custom birthday banner, there are several materials available today that you can choose from. Knowing the best material that will suit your printed imagery as well as the venue of the party is crucial in making a successful birthday party banner. The location of the party, the graphics and the images that you want to put on the banner will dictate what material is appropriate to your birthday banner not to mention your budget.

Birthday Party Banner


Vinyl is a versatile birthday banner option that can be used for variety of parties. They can be used as pull up stand to hang outside the venue or can be used with grommets. (more…)

Be the Envy of Every Team with Softball Team Banners and Flags

Did you know that more than being healthy and inclined into sports playing softball has many benefits that will improve the life of your kids even until they are grownups? Playing football will provide total body conditioning for your kids because unlike other sports, softball is an activity that requires multiple skills, and therefore provides total body conditioning. Running, swinging, fielding and throwing all require a coordinated effort from numerous muscles throughout the body.

Softball Team Banners

The game also teaches teamwork like working with coaches, trainers and teammates to achieve goals is great practice for the real world where teaming up with others to meet goals are keys to success. Aside from that playing softball will also develop their leadership skills. People usually receive more benefits than they expect from participating in sports. They get attention and respect that they may not receive elsewhere, and participation provides them with opportunities for leadership and socialization, as well as the development of skills for handling success and failure.

With the things mentioned above, there is no reason not to introduce the game to your kids and they can also develop friendship that could last a lifetime. You can start getting your kids interested in playing softball by feeding their curiosity most people are naturally curious and want to know “why” they must learn something before they are willing to learn it. Kids are no different.

Once they begin showing interest, you can then proceed to demonstrate the skill and show them how the game is played. Proper demonstration is especially important for younger players who may have never seen anything closely resembling the skill they are being asked to perform. If you are unable to perform the skill correctly, find someone who can.

Now that your kids are already showing interest in the game softball you can also take this opportunity to show their artistic side, you can invite them to help you come up with a design for their softball team banners and flags. Doing this activity with your kids will boost their confidence and it is also a good way to bond with your children. (more…)